TEAC TN-550 Review

There was a time when vinyl records were all the rage in the market. Almost everyone had a turntable in their house. Now, the tables have turned. Most millennials find themselves downloading their favorite albums on their smartphone. While this is a much more convenient way to listen to music, all the music lovers out there will agree that vinyl sounds much better.

Also, there is a certain charm to using a turntable and owning vinyl records. For years to come, you have a memento of the songs of your past. Therefore, getting a turntable might be an option you should consider.

Considering how sparsely these products are now found in homes, it is quite surprising that there are quite a few turntables in the market to choose from. When buying one, make sure that the one you choose delivers quality. TEAC TN-550 is one turntable that you might want to consider. It is equipped with various value-added features.

High and Automatic Speed

When compared to other turntables in the market, this product has been successful in delivering a robust and highly functional turntable.

To achieve this, the TN-550 is equipped with a durable drive system. This system makes use of the latest rotation speed servo system technology, which allows the turntable to effectively identify sudden changes to the rotation speed. Through this feature, the speed of the motor is controlled to ensure that the audio is played at the correct speed.

The quality of the sound produced is further guaranteed by the turntable’s ability to eliminate instances of cogging. Cogging refers to a subtle pulsating sound that might be exhibited by a turntable. By including a motor with an array of poles along with a complex circuit system, this turntable avoids this flaw.

Do you wish to use a turntable but not with all the hassles that come with it? After all, not all of us want to be transported back in time. How great would it be if you could benefit from the look and feel of a turntable but not have to deal with the tedious operational processes?

Well, this product has been successful in delivering just this. Rather than manually trying to figure out what the ideal speed is, this turntable comes with an electronically controlled speed technology. This means that the turntable is fully equipped to play the music at the right speed and you won’t have to change the pulley to cater to different songs. This makes the product highly convenient.

Luxurious Design

Generally, turntables are not that great looking. Back in the day, since most people focused on the functionality of the product, this was not a problem. However, now that turntables are comparatively premium priced and the masses tend to value aesthetics in everything they buy, a stylish product is always a bonus for users.

This turntable succeeds in delivering this bonus. In the construction of this turntable, two quality elements are used, both of which play an integral part in delivering the overall pleasant style. The components are high-density MDF and artificial marble, both of which combine to deliver a ‘dual material chassis.’ The construction does not only make the product durable but also gives it a luxurious look that many crave. This is further strengthened by the silver finishing on the product. Thus, for those of you who wish to use a turntable as an accessory along with as a tool for your vinyl albums, you might be satisfied with the design of this one.

Product Specifications

  • The product has a DC motor.
  • The speed of the motor can go between 33-1/3 rpm and 45 rpm.
  • The signal to voice ratio of the turntable is more than 67 dB.
  • The platter is made from acrylic material.
  • The weight of the platter is approximately 1.4 kg, while the overall weight is 9 kg.
  • It has a tracking error of fewer than 3 degrees.
  • The supported cartridge weight is 15 to 23 g.
  • The overall dimensions of the product are 430 x 131.5 x 355 mm.

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

Owing to the convenience it delivers and the fact that this product is built to last, many have lauded this turntable. However, some do find it a bit expensive. Considering that turntables are generally expensive and this one delivers quite a lot of features, many find the price to not be a constraining factor.

For those of you who wish to enjoy your vinyl records, give the TEAC TN-550 a try. You will not be disappointed.


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