Tascam TH-200x Studio Headphones Review




The TH-200x is the latest model of Tascam’s line of affordable headphones that perform at the highest level. The headphones are suitable for both mixing and recording while delivering your daily portion of music.


In this article, we are going to talk about Tascam’s TH-200x Studio headphones, which includes everything from construction characteristics to features and some insights from our experience.




The headphones are manufactured with highly durable and lightweight materials that provide a pleasant user experience. As tradition dictates, the flagship model comes in black, but there is also an all-white model with a red logo. The frame is made of stainless steel, around which an extra cushion is firmly stitched to provide maximum wearing pleasure.


Music fans will be pleasantly surprised by the clean sound delivered by 40mm neodymium magnet drivers placed inside the closed back.


Turning the device on is a no-brainer, as all you have to do is plug-in the headphones into your interface, audio listening devices or any setup that you have.




Throughout the years, we have tested numerous headphones and we can proudly say that we have gained a considerable amount of experience.


After testing the TH-200x, we compared it to similar devices and such that cost up to three and four times higher. The results are in favour of Tascam’s model as they provide great value at a small price.


Not only that they perform great, but they feel very comfortable and allow long hours of use due to the plush cushioned ear cuffs.


Moreover, they can rotate at 90 degrees, which allows you to fold them for easier storage. The 1/4-inch screw-on adapter can handle up to 600-mW and the package comes with a 3-meter cord with 1/8 mini plug.



To Summarize


Tascam’s 200x headphones provide great value in terms of sound quality and durability at a fraction of the cost of the more renowned brands in the industry.


If you are looking for budget-friendly headphones that are able to compete with the best, then Tascam’s headphones are a choice that you should definitely consider. They pass volume at an acceptable level and the highs are quite clean. Moreover, the isolation is nearly perfect and the cables are long.


All thing considered, the headphones definitely deserve a try and you will never have to worry about stepping on them while recording your next hit.




  1. Lightweight
  2. Good Audio
  • Easy to use
  1. Comfortable




  • Limited functions
  • Breaks easily

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