Roland JD-XA Review


A Roland synthesizer — need we say anymore? Roland has been making synthesizers for a long time now. You can see Roland synthesizers in concerts, in personal studios, in recording studios, in the homes of professional artists, in movies and on TV, and on and on. In our Roland JD-XA review, we will be going over the details and specs of this premium grade synthesizer.

Not all synthesizers can have a proper competition with Roland models. Roland has been making synthesizers (and other musical instruments as well) since a long time now and their products are unbeatable. This review will still judge the brand from a neutral point of view. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get straight to the point.

roland jd-xa review

Roland JD-XA review: Details and specs

The Roland JD-XA is a monster. It’s simply the best, at least in this price range. It’s a one-size-fits-all, all-rounder beast with tons of features and qualities that keyboardists crave. Let’s have a go at some of the basic qualities first:

The Roland JD-XA is an advanc-level synthesizer that has separate engines for analog sound and digital sound. It features a four-parts analog synth engine that’s discrete with 2 x OSC, Amp, Filter, 4 x Env (along with two Pitch, Filter, and an Amp), and also a 2 x LFO per voice. For raw signal, the Roland JD-XA has the classic Analog Dry Out signal output technology.

With such a powerful analog engine, the synthesizer still doesn’t stop there. The digital engine is just beyond explanation. It’s versatile and heavy duty. It’s powered by SuperNATURAL synth technology. The digital versatility is complemented further by the loads of effects that you get along with the synthesizer. Artists deploy one or a combination of both the engines to get the desired output. Once you have figured it all out, you will be surprised by how much customization you can do and how many effects you can spin out.

The digital waveforms and the analog filters combine to form a startlingly cool array of sound effects and progressions that you can create. Both the engines are extremely potent. The Roland JD-XA is simply a perfect combination of a powerful, raw analog synth engine and a solid, customizable digital synth engine. Together, they are in use for a variety of effects.

The Roland JD-XA is primarily for sound design because it comes with added functionality like the analog properties, Poly Stack, and the compatibility with the INTEGRA-7.

Wrapping up

So, the question becomes, do you need it? Should you buy it?

Well, it’s true that you can get a Roland synthesizer for much lower. In fact, the general range of a Roland synthesizer product is around $300 to $500 if we are not mistaken. But once you have read this review, you are free to check out those other options. You will see what more price means here. For the more bucksĀ that you are adding in, you are adding them in a kind of investment. And this pays off. In the end, you see how it was a good decision to add in that extra money.

From live performances to recordings and from cinematic sound design to sophisticated studio work — the Roland JD-XA synthesizer performs well everywhere and as a result, is being used everywhere.

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