PreSonus Temblor T10 Review


The PreSonus Temblor T10 is a studio subwoofer. A studio subwoofer is an equipment that completes a studio setup. More on that in the next section. Before that, let’s have a brief introduction to the topic. This is a PreSonus Temblor T10 review that will explain the job of the PreSonus Temblor T10, its details, and specs, and also whether you should be buying it or not.

What is the PreSonus Temblor T10?

The PreSonus Temblor T10 is a studio subwoofer. You will need to know what is a studio setup to know the exact position that this fills. Let’s begin.

In any studio setup (may that be a personal studio of a solo artist or a professional recording studio) there is this speaker that we call a studio monitor. A studio monitor gives “uncolored” sound — meaning sound lacking any manipulation its different frequencies. Any normal speaker or hi-fi sound system manipulates the frequencies, thus altering the sound. But when you need to mix sound, you need an uncolored and untouched audio to work with. That’s why they have these studio monitors. Studio monitors are used for referencing sound. And thus they are also called reference monitors or studio reference monitors.

Now, what happens in a typical situation is that a studio monitor can’t emphasize lower frequencies (essentially, you can think bass when we say lower frequencies). Uncolored bass is weak audio and hard to clearly listen to with other frequencies going on about their ways. That’s why a studio monitor has to be extended (or rather completed) with a studio subwoofer. Subwoofers specialize in lower frequencies. So, if you have sound mixing needs and a studio monitor to make things authentic and easier for you — you also need a studio subwoofer so that the mixing is more accurate, now that you can listen to the lower frequencies better.

presonus temblor t10 review

PreSonus Temblor T10 Review: Details and specs

We are talking a 10-inches subwoofer here. Made of glass-composite and looking legendarily good — you are getting yourself an equipment that beats all others right off.

It comes with a bass-reflex port and a 250W of power directly to the speakers. This ensures the speakers have enough power for themselves and the studio work can go along without any problems.

Many studio subwoofers get on top of their studio monitors and a lot of gain control has to be seen to in getting the balance right. The first detail about the PreSonus Temblor T10 is that it works seamlessly with the connected studio monitor. It gives accurate lower frequency replication all the while preserving the other details.

The most atypical thing about the PreSonus Temblor T10 is perhaps its user control options. There is an input gain, filters for low pass and high pass, and so on. One of these filters is also responsible for removing less than 80 Hz audio from the output signal (to the studio monitor).

Wrapping up

Besides just going well with PreSonus equipment like their studio monitors, it goes together pretty well with other brands as well. You just need to make sure that the set up is right. You are ready to go once you are done with making the proper connections. The T10 is durable. It’s solid. It’s high-quality. Obviously, it’s reliable. And it’s trustworthy. You can bet your money on it.

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