Pioneer HDJ-500 Headset Review

Buying the right headsets could make a huge difference in how a person monitors the show. It doesn’t matter if he or she is a club DJ, re-mixer, spin disc at any types of events, well made headsets will help a person keep relaxed and comfy on those tiring long gigs, while providing a good sense of the audio you are spinning. There are many types of DJ headsets available out there, but Pioneer HDJ-500 headsets stand out from the rest. This pioneer HDJ 500 review will help you know more about this product.

What is the Pioneer HDJ 500 Headset?

The Pioneer HDJ 500 headsets are packed with abilities that make them best for use amongst the professional disk jockey’s in any live setting. These headsets promise an excellent response to the treble and bass, this allows catching dance music sounds clearly. It comes with Mono/Stereo switch located on the side of the headsets allow for full control even during single ear monitoring. This is also ideal in a studio setting, where integrated voice coil and thick diagram to ensure that even as the treble and bass happen to be accentuated, middle range isn’t compromised.

Pioneer HDJ 500 review
The main purpose of the Pioneer HDJ-500 headsets is normally a DJ setting and thus a couple of its more specially engineered features can be lost in the audio. However, they are sufficiently adjustable to support the production of the music and will be valuable for those who dwell in both environments.

State of the Art Features

In pioneer HDJ 500 review show that these headsets have a clean and fashionable design that easily folds-up in order that it could be compact to transport anywhere. What is more, they are sufficiently tough to resist the bumps and scratches DJ may possibly experience. These headsets are made almost entirely for a tough magnesium blend. The strong metal builds will surely pay off in crowded areas where it will keep the subtle parts of the headsets well-secured. They are connected with the use of XLR wire, so that the wire does not experience from the wear and tear, which usually happens with screw-in jacks. This also means that when the cable or wire breaks. It could be conveniently replaced without the need of buying a new headset.

Foldable hinges and the carry pouch make the Pioneer HDJ-500 headsets expediently portable and compact. These headsets are cushioned by the company’s patent sound insulating material in order that the sound is always clear, even in an extremely noisy environment. Another best thing about this HDJ-500 headset is that, the moment you find the best fit, you just have to click the headphone into place for and lock it. You’ll have a very comfortable wear for longer hours. Another amazing feature of this headset is the right earpiece that swivels 60 degrees in any direction.

The verdict

The pioneer HDJ 500 review shows that these are the best headset for DJs for the price. It offers amazing sound quality. If you are interested in getting professional audio and need a superior set of rugged and fashionable headsets, the Pioneer HDJ-500 headsets are the best choice.

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