Numark NV Controller Review


Want to take your DJ skills to the next level then Numark controller comes parked with awesome features. You get almost all the main features on a typical new SDJ controller. Four knobs and four buttons act as default FX panel arrangement. Additional RGB performance pads adorn the deck.


  • Touch sensitive knobs: the knobs are very responsive to touch and help you access the EQ and FX controls. This extends to the filter FX and roll. Performance pads are based on the popular Akai MPC pads; they are comfortable to use but you may find them smaller than in other models.
  • Mixer: the numark offers no inbound hardware mixer but uses an AUX input that you can easily switch to mic. This helps you bypass the internal mixing software and go directly to the main outputs. The company concentrated more on the screens and that is why you do not see phono inputs.
  • Design: This mid-sized controller is made of solid plastic that is durable. This means you can use for some time. The controls are well spaced while been solid. You do not have cases of buttons or jogs falling off. If you are not into jogs then you will realize that there is a lot of coordination between them and the screens. You can see your hand movements been converted to playhead movement on the screens. The jogs are very similar to the N6 but they lack cue/position indicators.
  • Enhanced sound: the sound quality was impressive courtesy of the balanced XLRs from the main output. This enhanced by the onboard booth output. But, what really stands out is the split-cue feature and cue systems. You also get a balanced XLRs that operate the main output plus the booth output. The numark NV comes with a very comprehensive cue system that has the elusive split-cue control.
  • Onboard Screen: The NV 4.3 inch screens are very impressive. The resolution is decent, though not comparable with what is in most high-end phones. The display is bright and solid, which makes it good for clubs and where lighting is poor. You can view the screens from all angles. You also get most of the information that would be in your laptop. If they added more features then you would be able to shut down your laptop completely and be dependent on the onboard screen.



  • Bright and clear onboard screens that provide you with info mostly available on your laptop
  • Durability due to hard plastic design
  • Ability to switch from Aux input to mic switch
  • Touch sensitive controls


Lacks phono inputs for DVS use

Final thoughts

The Numark NV controller comes with very impressive onboard screens that have most of the functions on your laptop. In fact if they added more features you would not need to use your laptop anymore. The control buttons are very touch sensitive and responsive. The jog wheels are large enough to accommodate most mixing. The NV design is very solid due to the hard plastic used. This controller is deal breaker for any DJ.

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