Numark NS6 Review


This four-channel controller comes with an onboard mixer and four decks for control; you also get a four-channel mixer. You also get conventional buttons like switches, knobs, and faders. The Numark uses the Serato Itch software that works exceedingly well. The Numark NS6 is a sure sell because the first impression you have of it is like “wow.”


Jog wheels:

Custom software: The Numark comes with a customized version of the Serato’s itch software. The installation process is straightforward. Just plug in the CD and follow installation instructions. There is no need for custom mappings because of the hardware and software work together.

Mixing features: for those looking for a budget-friendly mixer then the Numark is right for you. It has a crossfader curve and assigns dual mic inputs, faders start, headphone split cuing, and XLR balance inputs. The Numark NS6 is a good looking controller with metal chassis finished off with matte metal. This gives it a professional feel.  You can use it as a standalone mini controller with Traktor Pro.

Mapping: the NS6 comes with labeled functions on the controller surface which are supported on the mini mode. You also get factory mapping.

Design: While most of the controllers are plastic the Numark NS6 is made from metal. This makes it durable, and you can use for many years. But don’t be fooled by the metallic frame the Numark is also lightweight, and you can carry it for gigs. While most of the Numark previous models have rubber buttons, these have been replaced in the NS6 with hard plastic ones. The buttons feel pretty solid when using them, and you have pitch faders. The Numark comes with six rubber feet for extra stability though you can take off the middle ones.

Digital mixer: this four channel mixer does what it supposed to do. The knobs are rubberized and have a solid center detent. You have brightly lit cue buttons, and you can cue one at a time. Most of the four channel mixers have a split cue, and the Numark does not disappoint in this.  You also get a three-band EQ that operates 6 to 12 dB.  The sound is excellent from the Numark 24-bit interface that produces 44.1 kHz.

Faders: the Numark has 60mm faders that we discovered produced 45 mm throw. This has been well squeezed on the deck and are easy to operate. The line faders use a software curve control that is in ITCH.  You will however not experience any reverses on the line faders.  You could try out software to reverse this. The reverse is usually handled by the crossfader assign controls. Depending on your preference you can assign each channel to either side of the crossfader.


  • Easy to use jog wheels
  • Sturdy design with well laid out deck
  • Ability to assign each channel to one of the sides of the crossfader
  • Hard plastic buttons
  • All in one Serato ITCH digital controller


Lacks a Traktor interface

Final verdict

The fact that you get two large jog wheels with access to four channels makes this controller stand out from the crowd. The downside is that it does not support Traktor.

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