Numark N-Wave 580 Review

Along with having a quality monitor and computer, accompanying your desktop with a quality speaker is also a must. While there are various speakers in the market, only a few succeed in delivering quality. If you are looking for a speaker that is easy to use and ideal to accompany your desktop, you might want to give the Numark N-Wave 580 a try.

No Interference with Other Equipment

Anyone who has used speakers would know the annoying sound that they make when a phone goes off. This noise occurs because the frequencies of other equipment may interfere with the speaker. This adversely affects the act of using a speaker. To make sure this doesn’t happen, Numark is equipped with magnetically shielded drivers. These drivers play an integral role in delivering quality output that does not get frequently interrupted.

Lightweight and Stylish Design

No one likes bulky products. Audio speakers which are heavy tend to be a source of inconvenience for users. Think about it. Speakers are something you might want to use with an array of computer systems. Some even chose to transport them to other locations when the need arises. If a product is too heavy, you won’t be able to do so. This is why you will like the fact that this speaker is lightweight and, hence, easy to use.

Furthermore, everything looks much better when it is stylish. For those of you who wish for your equipment to be aesthetically pleasing, you will find this audio speaker to be an excellent choice. One way it achieved style is through the inclusion of LEDs. This allows the speaker to pulsate to the beat, thereby making sure that the aura of the room is improved.

Product Specifications

  • The size of the product is compact for easy storage.
  • The speaker is accompanied by a 5.25-inch woofer and a one-inch tweeter.
  • It features a multi-color LED illumination.
  • The product needs a dynamic power of 40 watts.
  • It has two crossover channels.
  • The frequency response is 55-20000 Hz.
  • It uses an AC power adapter as its power source.
  • It is available in black.
  • The weight is 6.8 pounds.

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

Customers have lauded this product for its audio quality and look. Additionally, the fact that it is easy to use and is available in a compact size is appreciated by the masses. Also, it features quite an affordable price that makes it accessible to many.

However, the cable that connects the speaker to the computer system is quite short. This limits the use of the speaker to the presence of a desktop or socket. You might find this a tad inconvenient, especially if you wish to use the product without a desktop.

Considering the low price of the product, the few flaws exhibited can be ignored. If you value ease of use above all, you might want to give the Numark N-Wave 580 a try.

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