Moog Mother 32 Review

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moog mother 32 review

moog mother 32 review

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In our Moog Mother 32 review, we will see what it exactly is and whether you need it or not. In a nutshell, the Moog Mother 32 is a reputed semi-modular Eurorack-style analog synthesizer and step sequencer. If you are unsure about those terms, don’t worry — we will explain them in due course of this article.

So, bear with us and let’s figure out whether the Moog Mother 32 is as good as they say or not.

moog mother 32 review

What is the Moog Mother 32?

Moog Mother 32 is a professional analog synthesizer and step sequencer. It’s been in use actively by the professionals for many years now. Moog is a name that started with the popularity of sound production. Moog’s analog synthesizers have always been loved and best-selling products. Moog still continues that tradition. The Mother 32 is a professional 32 step sequencer (thus the name Mother 32) with 64 sequence locations. These sequence steps are voltage controlled (analog).

Analog Synthesizer and Step Sequencer: What are they?

Sequencers are devices (and some software are also sequences) that edit, record, and play music. Each music note or vocal information is in a form of data like MIDI, OSC, CV/Gate, etc. The Moog Mother 32 is a “step sequencer.” Step sequencers or step recording modes on normal sequencers do this process with the help of rounding of musical notes. Musical notes are mostly rounded into the various steps of same time intervals. Different mechanical constructs like step-buttons for drum machines, chromatic keypads for bass machines, and step trigger buttons on home keyboard models are used to enter each musical note without the precise timing. The designation happens using these mechanical constructs.

An analog synthesizer is not an outdated medium of sound production. Digital synthesizers gained popularity and almost killed analog synthesizers back in the 90s. But when artists didn’t have the money to go for full digital systems, they opted for second-hand analog synthesizers. This spiked their popularity and more and more artists rediscovered the delights of analog synth audio. Right now many brands make analog synthesizers that are used all over the world by the best of artists because of its great quality and feel.

Moog Mother 32 Qualities

The Moog Mother 32 uses low pass and high pass Moog ladder filter (patented, but no more). The range of these passes is 20 Hz to 50 kHz. Additionally, the ladder filter comes with voltage controlled resonance.

The Moog Mother 32 contains a 5-pin MIDI input — which is the best you will find anywhere. It also comes with a MIDI to CV converter which comes in handy more often than we would want it to!

The oscillator of the Mother 32 is definitive and accurate, with the Pulse and Sawtooth waveform supports. These are the classic types of wave outputs and can cover a large variety of requirements.

There is an external audio input in the synthesizer and step sequencer for processing externally connected sound sources. This feature is important, but goes without saying. We could not try a lot of different instruments, but whichever ones we did synced pretty well with the Mother 32. Getting a boost from authentic analog signals, any musical instrument becomes much better sounding.

With the step sequencing, you can easily record and handle different music snippets and control how your entire audio signal pans out. We had a lot of fun while using the step sequencing of the Moog Mother 32. 32 steps are too much for the general user, but if you got serious plans then it’s exactly what you will be needing.

Wrapping up the Moog Mother 32 Review

Moog Mother 32 is reliable, heavy duty, and traditionally well-respected. If you need an analog synthesizer and a step sequencer, there is absolutely no other product on the market that you need to even consider. The Moog Mother 32 has the correct support, correct price, correct trustworthiness, and so far the best reputation when it comes to analog sequencers that have been holding their ground since the age of analog sequencers started.

Owning a Moog Mother 32 is something to be proud of.

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