Lynx Hilo Review


The Lynx Hilo is one of the best and clearest mastering AD/DA converter out there. It is a 2-channel converter and can handle a huge variety of devices from digital ones to analog ones. When we sat down to write this Lynx Hilo review, we could still feel how well impressed we were with the low amount of distortion. In fact, this is perhaps the best piece of equipment in this area.

Frankly, this much clarity is seemingly impossible to attain in lower-end converters. The job that Lynx Hilo does is really splendid. It’s one of the best choices for mastering artists and also one of the best-selling products in the market. How do we know? Well, this is particularly interesting. When we ordered the Lynx Hilo, it was never used. Our sound system was complete and we had no urge to review it. But when the other model broke down, we had to use Hilo. And although we have already heard good things about the Lynx Hilo, experiencing it was a true bliss. We used it for days to come on every project — small or big. And that’s why we know how much clarity it gives. It surpassed our previous model in certain types of music (acoustics and drums, mostly, but when there were no vocals intervening). We have picked Hilo as our official mastering converter now.

lynx hilo review

The Lynx Hilo review: details and specs

The first thing to love about the Hilo is its versatility. Not only can it connect a huge variety of devices for input and output, but it allows for any combination of these devices and sources with their separate level controls. Isn’t that just awesome? It also comes with a power port for those days when you feel like recording and mixing outdoors. The manufacturers have really taken care of it all. If you would rather prefer mixing with headphones on, there is a clear and bold line out for phones on the front panel, not even the back. The overall user experience steals the show.

The second thing that we loved after the versatile back panel was the highly interactive front panel. It offers a touchscreen that makes all the trouble of connecting, mixing, and mastering go away as soon as you have learned how to navigate around it. The touchscreen also comes with a Vu Meter and a Spectrum Analyzer to track your mastering progress.

Upon testing it out with a combination of different devices, we loved how each time the distortion was so less, almost negligible and how the dynamic range of the audio signal was so much. The signal-to-noise ratio is perhaps one of the best ratios you will find out there.


There is nothing you can’t love in the Lynx Hilo. Excellent transparency, great detail and clarity, huge connectivity options, and a great line in and line out specifications roster. The Lynx Hilo comes without any problems. In certain benchmarks and testing cases, the Hilo outsmarts higher-end converters as well.

One word of caution. The Hilo is not for everyone. Only sound experts have the recommendation to try it out. There are two reasons for that. The first reason is that you won’t be able to figure your way around the connections and the visual interface (which is great by the way and offers an unparalleled user experience in any of the converter displays). The second reason will be the lack of devices. Unless you have multiple analog and digital devices, there is no point in using a powerful machine like the Lynx Hilo. It’s strictly for professional purposes and you can’t risk anything here.

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