Komplete 10 Review


The Komplete 10 is a collection of software and samples from Native Instruments. If you work in sound production, design, or engineering — then chances are that you have heard of the great tools from Native Instruments. The Komplete 10 is what it sounds like: a complete collection of all those great tools bundled together. In this Komplete 10 review, we will go over one basic question. And that is what the Komplete 10 offers? Is it worth buying?

komplete 10 review

There is one thing that we need to make clear before we start with the review. This is not a typical product. This is a software collection that will run on your Windows PC or Mac. Komplete 10 is not a real instrument, but a virtual one. It is a collection of multiple software and sound files (over a couple GB of samples only).

So now, without further ado, let’s get started.

Komplete 10 Review: Details

The Komplete 10 is a collection of instruments and effects. The instruments range from full Cuban instrument sets to highly specialized cinematic synths and soft synths. As for the effects — there are plenty of them for different purposes. While we were testing those out, we were overwhelmed.

All the synths and effects come with tons of presents (samples). This makes testing them easier and making demo sounds easier as well. If you are someone looking for a lot of special sound effects and digital post processing capability on audio — the Komplete 10 will be more than enough for you.

Why should you buy it, or why not?

There are tons of useful synthesized and electronic instruments. If you want to have that “oomph” in your electric guitar output or the touch of a classic 1905 concert piano to your typical keyboard notes — this is the software collection to go for. Everything else you have will pale in comparison to the Komplete 10. It offers an easy-to-use user interface (and a good looking one at that) that makes working with the various tools and presents much easier and fun than it ever was.

There are, however, certain things that might mean that the Komplete 10 is not for you. Let’s go over those.

  • If you are not a professional, there is no point in buying the Komplete 10. All you are going to be is overwhelmed. The user interface will seem hard. There are so many environments and shells. So many plug-ins, instruments, and processors inside them. Inside each of them, you have different controls and knobs and a plethora of effects and synths to choose from overall. If you can be easily put off or overwhelmed by this much, then you are not ready yet. Have some more practice on more lower-end sound design tools and instruments before you come to something like this.
  • If you have financial problems, then spending on the Komplete 10 might not be a good idea. If you need effects and synths, you can look elsewhere and get them for free. Yes, they will be low quality, cheap-sounding, inflexible, and limited in variety — but that’s your best bet.
  • If you only need a handful of specific tools or presets then you should go for them separately. Buying these tools from Native Instruments individually will also help you save money if you only need two or three such tools.

Wrapping up

It’s rare to find a software bundle like this from a reputed brand that is so well rated on online stores. Sound professionals have been using many products for their sound designing and production requirements, but having a bundle like this is a completely different thing. The Native Instruments Komplete 10 takes the whole game to a “kompletely” new level.

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