JBL Arena 120 Review

With innovative developments in the area of sound technology, various new types of speakers and sound systems are hitting the shelves. One such product that is revolutionizing audio technology is the JBL Arena 120. It is a monster when it comes to audio generation. A powerful 5.5-inch woofer that comes with High Definition Imaging technology, the JBL Arena 120 is equipped with a soft dome tweeter.

Furthermore, it has been designed to come with a modern look in the shape of a bookshelf which adds value to one’s living room. It also has a wall mountable configuration with easy and flexible installation. The JBL Arena 120 tends to be the ideal loudspeaker when it comes to watching movies and listening to music or just for any event.

The JBL Arena 120 is a revolutionary speaker that proves that an experience at home should not be one that is kept quiet. It encourages sound and being loud. It brings about a physical presence that encourages one to set up their movies, shows, music, or games on the big screen and enjoy with a crowd.

JBL is a brand that has been in the sound industry for over 60 years now. Its products can be found in every corner of the world, including venues such as cinemas, clubs, recording studios, concerts, and personal sound systems set up at home. JBL has been able to set up a positive image for itself in the market where customers trust the products that it produces. Producing innovative solutions to the problems of sound technology, JBL has mastered the art of audio production with its systems. One such system is the Arena 120, which does not fail to impress.

HDI Waveguide

The JBL Arena 120 inherits some of the best features of its predecessor while building up on them to provide improvements. The previous well-known JBL M2 Master Reference Monitor came with a brand-new technology known as the High Definition Imaging waveguide, which has remained a constant in this speaker. This technology provides the loudspeaker with smooth, amplified pitches.

Moreover, the HDI waveguide finds its common ground with the 1-inch soft dome tweeter being used in the JBL Arena 120. The tweeter allows for the clean production of sound without any noise interferences. Furthermore, the loudspeaker is present as a 5.5-inch polycellulose woofer, which offers a unique sound experience.

Wall Mountable

The JBL Arena 120 is part of a small family of game changers. The Arena series comes with additional 2 floor standing speakers, 1 center channel speaker, 2 bookshelf speakers, and 1 subwoofer model. The Arena 120 can set the stage for the first speaker you put up on your wall. Moving on, you can add to the collection to have a complete surround sound system for a wholesome experience.

Specifically, the JBL Arena 120 tends to include diversity in its design and functions. It comes with a wall mountable configuration that can be set up in various ways. With an integrated wall mounted solution, it allows the users to put their speaker up on the wall whenever necessary. This allows the JBL Arena 120 to be located at ideal spots that may not be in reach of the general public. At times, this is beneficial in clubs or parties where the presence of people may damage the overall system.

The wall mountable solution also comes with a manual that is easy to understand and configure.

Product Specifications

  • A 5.5-inch (approximately 140-millimeter) loudspeaker and woofer bringing about a unique sound quality that fits perfectly with music, movies, and games
  • A 1-inch (approximately 25-millimeter) dome tweeter providing clean and noise-free sound
  • Wall-mountable solution integrated into the design to allow for user convenience
  • Modern design of the loudspeaker giving a bookshelf appearance to the speaker
  • Part of the JBL series of speakers that combine to bring about a wholesome stereo and multi-channel experience
  • Builds up on the features and functions of previous speakers with High Definition Imaging waveguide

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

Most users were happy with their overall experience when it came to using the JBL Arena 120. They found the sound quality to be decent with a noise-free production that was sufficient for large rooms and halls. Moreover, they believed that the user interface and overall system of the loudspeaker was well-designed and could easily be used by a layman.

Reviewers also thought that the JBL Arena 120 was a perfect speaker for its quality and features. It came with a build quality that made it durable and offered a lot of bass in the woofers. The natural sounds produced by the soft tweeters were a plus point as well. The price, size, and quality of the speakers had a good amount of common ground and could provide a decent experience to homes and other venues.

Certain users had difficulties with the wall mounting system and shared their experiences where the wall mount was incompatible with the system. They believed that the integrated wall mount could not be trusted, and it was not safe to put the speaker onto the mount given the inconsistencies. Aside from these difficulties, the rest of the reviews and experiences were positive.

Living at home does not necessarily mean that you have to live quietly. JBL brings about an audio experience that can change lifestyles. With the JBL Arena 120 hitting the shelves, you may wonder if it is worth throwing your money at. If you’re looking for a complete sound system that you can set up at your home, then the JBL Arena 120 puts forward a decent deal. At a reasonable amount of money, the 5.5-inch machine brings about innovative technology for sound production. If that is something that fits your needs, then the JBL Arena 120 is definitely going to be your cup of tea.

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