Free Singing Lessons

Free Singing Lessons

Many people are used to singing in the shower; no one is watching you and you do not risk embarrassment. But, if you want to take your singing to the next level you will need to take free singing classes with a vocal coach.

Singing is more than reciting your favorite tunes, you will need to find your voice, learn how to breathe correctly, and identify pitch among others.

One of the key reasons that people find it hard to sing is that they can’t tell the difference between their singing voice and the voice they use to speak. This is why you need free singing lessons to get coaching advice on your vocals.

How to learn singing at Home

You do not need to take up expensive singing classes when you can do it at the comfort of your home. Online singing classes enable you to do this. The singing course is designed in such a way that it works to accommodate your busy schedule.

What is to sing in tune?

This simply means to sing within the pitch of the song. Your voice matches the notes that are been played through a musical instrument; professional singing lessons teach you how to do this.

You can start practicing this by singing to the tune of a keyboard or a guitar. It takes practice to master all the notes been played.

To help you in this you will need to accompany your singing with the following:-

Voice training exercises

The training classes enable you to improve on your vocal chords. It involves various breathing exercises and this is done by the best online voice coach; with a coach how to learn singing becomes easy.

Breathe control during online singing classes

When it comes to singing in tune, control of your breathing is a must. Try taking a deep breath and make an OOHH or AHHH sound; this is how you learn how to sing.

You will notice that there is a difference in the two. To sing well you will need to control the tension in your diaphragm.

This can be hard at first but with continued practice you should be able to control the your diaphragm muscle and exhale with more discipline.

One way to proof that you are not breathing well when singing, is to check the movement of your shoulders when you are breathing. If you move them when singing it means you are breathing vertically instead of horizontally.

What you need to change is to have your diaphragm filled with air instead of your shoulders. The diaphragm is located above the stomach and below the chest.

This section will teach you how to learning singing at home by first improving by practicing several breathing exercises.

First breathing exercise

Try to inhale as much oxygen as you can while counting to four; exhale while maintaining the same count. Increase this to eight counts and exhale the same counts.

This exercise helps to expand your breathing muscles; with time your diaphragm gets acquainted with this; the singing course elaborates more about this.

Second breathing exercise

While checking the movement of your chest and abdomen exhale while saying the words ‘Ahhh’ – it should take you roughly two to three seconds to do this. Next try making no, ah while exhaling your voice.

You should notice a difference in your diaphragm between the two sounds made.

Making a Hiss sound

The next voice training exercise you can try is making the hiss sound. After inhaling some air, try to suspend your breath for some time; exhale slowly while making the hiss sound.

While keeping the exhalation steady ensure that there no short bursts of air in between the sounds you are making.

The next step is trying to make a high note while focusing on the quality of the sounds been made; most vocal singing lessons have this in their program.

Projecting your voice

It is equally important to learn to project your voice effectively. When you learn this, you are able to sing in a slow, smooth way – almost like you are speaking a whisper.

Learn how to listen

Singing and listening to various musical notes go hand in hand. You need to listen carefully to how the notes appear in a song to be in tune with the musical instrument.

Singing style

You need to note that not every singer can sing a particular genre of music. Once you identify your voice, you will use it to guide you to your music genre – rock, pop, reggae, jazz, country among others.

Take care of your voice with online voice coach

It is equally important that you take care of your voice. Avoid excessive drinking and smoking; drink a lot of water and eat healthy foods.

While we do not prescribe certain foods when it comes to singing, it is important that you factor in your allergies. If you find it hard to sing after taking dairy products, try avoiding them before a singing program.

Since singing involves your whole body, it is equally important that you take care of your body strength through exercising. Do some warm ups before you join any online singing classes.

We cannot underestimate what a good night rest does to your body. Take some time off singing and rest your body and mind.

Best Singing lessons

Sitting position

Your sitting posture also plays a crucial role in your singing voice. Bad posture produces poor sounds and can cause you unnecessary back pains; the best singing lessons have tutorials on how to do this.

You whole body needs to be involved in your singing. That is why it is important that you eat the right foods, avoid smoking and drinking and get plenty of rest.

When your posture is not right, you will strain in breathing and this in turn leads to poor quality sounds.

  1. The first part of the body you will need to work on is what is called the atlas/top vertebrae. This is the joint that enables your head to rest well; ensure that you neither looking up or down.
  2. When your head is balanced it will affect your neck. Bad neck posture is responsible for back problems and will affect the kind of songs that you produce.
  3. As stated previously, ensure that your shoulders are upright. The shoulders are not a part of the ribcage and should not move when you breathe.
  4. Check what you do with your arms. Avoid fidgeting, clenching on your clothes or making fists; the hands show whether a person is nervous or tense.
  5. Your hips should provide support for your torso. Your torso plays a big role when it comes to breathing because it houses your lungs.
  6. Relax your legs so that they are neither bent or locked. Leave some space – shoulder apart – between your feet.

Vocal singing lessons

If you are starting your singing career then you have probably encountered the word “tone” being used several times. Tone is what defines a singers voice; it can be described as warm, strident or even dark.

Finding your tone determines the genre that you choose. Everything we have mentioned on posture and what to eat and avoid, play a big role in your vocal singing lessons.

There are several voice training software available online that you can use to improve your voice. If you are looking an online voice coach then the singorama offers just that.

For a few minutes per day, you will learn online how to improve your vocals through singorama. The price is affordable and you can take the classes at the comfort of your home.

When you take the singorama singing course, you should see a difference in your voice within a week. With the coarse you should be hitting the right notes like octave and higher.

Understanding Pitch

Pitch deals with how high or low a sound is. It is important you learn how to pitch correctly; most professional singers still struggle with their pitch even after years of learning, so do not worry if you cannot get it right the first time.

The singorama professional singing lessons will help you perfect your pitch.

If you are at home you can practice on your pitch through piano lessons. As you sing to a certain tune you can slide back forth between different types of pitch.

With time your ear can tell the difference.

Practicing on your diction

Diction involves how well you can pronounce certain words in a song. A song will have lyrics, and if the singer’s diction is poor, the message can be lost when singing.

To find out how your diction is, make a recording of your voice and replay it. Check how you articulate certain words when singing; this is very important in your voice training exercises.

You can also ask your musical teacher to check your diction and show you areas you need to improve on.

The last step in the training is often to find your vocal range. Some musicians have five, others three; you will need to find yours so that you can know the kind of songs that you are good at.

If you do not yet know your octave, you can practice this with your piano. Begin at the middle C of the piano and go lower while singing along; the note that you can sing along comfortably becomes your octave. Repeat this process with higher notes.

Learning how to sink does not come instantly even for those very talented. You will need to do constant practice if you want to succeed.

Take your practice sessions with the seriousness that you take work. Consistency is critical for success.

How to choose an online singing program

We have shown you what to expect from vocal training classes. The next thing we want you to learn is how to identify the right online singing program.

When it comes to the course, price should not be your determining factor. You can get a really cheap course but your coach adds little value to your growth.

Online voice coach credentials

The first thing you will need to check when joining vocal singing lessons are your singing coach credentials. Check whether his been accredited by a recognizable body or their academic papers.

Singing coaches who stand out have testimonials from faithful customers and this can be viewed on their websites. When you visit the singorama website, you can see for yourself the response from satisfied customers.

Find out which genre they sing in

It is equally important to learn the singing style of your coach so that you can see whether its compatible with your vocal cords. Check whether the coarse offers more than just singing and includes stuff like breathing exercises, workouts, and the feedback program.

Inquire how the program handles dissatisfied customers. Do customers get a refund?

How to define your goals when taking professional singing lessons

It is hard to find the best singing lessons if you have not yet defined what you expect from the program. Are you there to increase breathing exercises, work on your pitch or tone, confidence, technique or stamina?

When you clearly define your goals, you are able to locate the right professional singing lessons faster than aiming for making billboard worthy songs first.

Research the right singing course

Inquire from friends who you have seen succeeding in their musical goals which professional singing lessons they used. Research on how effective these colleges have been in teaching vocal cords.

While not singing courses are the same, they should provide a willingness to respond to any queries that you may have. Questions you should ask is how the training will take place? Will they send you a voice training software or will the training happen online?

How does Voice training software work?

It’s been proven that music has calming effects on people who are stressed or facing some form of anxiety. It’s through music that people can express themselves and release any bent up tension.

The most popular way of teaching music has been to sit under a teacher. The benefits of having a teacher are that they can study your strengths and weaknesses and ask you to make the necessary modifications.

The teacher knows when you are not exerting yourself or when you spend time in your comfort zone. They can also tailor the lessons to fit your own unique preferences and tastes.

But, things have changed and we now have technological advancements in the music world that have changed how music is taught. Instead of having a personal tutor, you have the option of various online courses and software’s.

One of these outstanding technologies is the vocal training software. With the software you can view certain aspects of your voice like pitch and tone while getting crucial feedback from the software.

The vocal software often displays an online piano that shows the note you are playing in real time. Some software use pitch algorithm to guide you through the process.

Vocal training software also cover various singing genre like pop, hip-hop, reggae, jazz, folk, opera and classical. Once you have identified what you need, you can check the notes to some popular songs in the market.

While vocal software are becoming smarter they still can’t replace a one on one teaching session with a vocal coach. They however, come in handy for people who have day jobs and do not have the time to sit under a teacher for vocal classes.

Patience and determination during singing course

In the end, the best singing lessons will not help you if you lack determination and patience. You have to love what you do, otherwise you will abandon it on the way.

Determination helps you set achievable goals and keeps you going when singing becomes a bore. You will also need to be patient with yourself because becoming a professional singer takes time.

If you study the lives of popular singers, you will find a journey marked by disappointments and triumphs. When you make mistakes with your pitch or tone learn from it and do better next time.

Beating yourself for making little process will not help you achieve your dreams faster. As stated earlier your body is the focal point for any successful career.

Taking care of your body is not limited to eating the right foods or exercising but extends to avoiding certain things like excessive drinking, smoking and drugs. The media is full of stories of musicians who made it big but ruined their voices through drugs.

Singorama has built a solid reputation for offering outstanding singing classes. Many students who have gone through the program can testify to its quality and results.

Many came to the program not knowing what notes they can sing but after a few weeks they could sing beyond their imagination. The program has been tailored to give results within a short period.

The program is affordable and can be used by those doing contemporary music, rock, Christian, classic, pop among others.


In conclusion, we are going to recap what we have learned so far. It is important to warm up before you start your vocal training lessons.

The first attempt can be challenging so begin with notes you are familiar with. You can record yourself to hear how your voice sounds like under various pitch and tones or you can sing before your musical friends and let them point out areas you need to improve on.

Good singing is often preceded by healthy habits. Take water regularly to hydrate your body; eat fruits and vegetables to boost your immune levels and avoid anything that has the potential to harm your voice like smoking or drinking.

Forge discipline if you want to succeed. The world has many people who started something but did not finish; include singing classes to your everyday calendar and avoid missing your classes.

To become a pro in singing, you also need to be patient with yourself. You do not get where you want to go immediately, follow your schedule and you will succeed.

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