Focusrite ISA Two Review


Focusrite ISA Two Classic Dual Mono Transformer-Based Microphone Preamplifier — it’s not as complicated as it sounds. The Focusrite ISA Two is a mic preamp that has a dual mono transformer-based style. In our Focusrite ISA Two review, we will be going over the true function of the preamp, its details, and also whether you should be buying it or not.

The Focusrite ISA Two is not for everyone. Once you are done with the details and the specs, you should move on to the last section to figure out where this preamp will be a good investment for you or not.

focusrite isa two review

Details and specs

The connectivity is the first thing we would like to talk about. On the rear panel, you can see many balanced inserts. Signal processors from the outside can be connected to the preamp through here. The TRS send and receive connections ensure the quality is maintained and no distortion is added (because the connections are direct). There are connection options for other typical devices as well, quite naturally. The connections can be made either on the front panel or the rear panel.

The second thing is the trimming ability. When we are recording or playing with inputs and outputs, there is always some lower frequency disturbance or unnecessary bass that should be trimmed off. The Focusrite ISA Two makes sure you are able to do that. It uses a cut-off high-pass filter. Using this 18 dB (or an octave high-pass), you can easily cut the unwanted sounds from as low as 16 Hz (and as much as 420 Hz). This is surely a huge factor and much-needed for all kinds of sound designers, sound producers, and recording artists.

As it’s a preamplifier, it comes with the feature of variable input impedance. So, with the Focusrite ISA Two, you have the choice of four kinds of input impedance manipulations. This includes the standard and original ISA 100 value — which is used throughout the industry for a seamless matchmaking between a preamp to its connected mic.

This is a transformers-based preamp. These give off better quality and are preferred by more serious artists. But the quality of transformers means a lot as well, and not just the usage of transformers in a preamp. The Focusrite ISA Two uses Lundahl LL1538 mic input transformers. These are, in a nutshell, one of the best kind of transformer out there.

Wrapping up the Focusrite ISA Two review

This is a costly and powerful preamp. You should not invest in a preamp like this if you don’t seriously need one. Although it’s true that a preamp can fit in almost any kind of recording, sound designing, sound production, or sound mixing activity — there are cheaper preamps to start your journey with out there. If, however, you need the professional touch — we highly advise you go for the Focusrite ISA Two, just like most of the professionals out there. You won’t be disappointed.

This is a powerful preamplifier for your audio input from mic. It can be used during live performances or studio recordings. It’s a beast.

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