Difference between Bluetooth and wireless headphones

When you are purchasing a wireless headset, it is vital to know the difference between Bluetooth and wireless headsets. Keep in mind that this may get confusing because you may not know the Bluetooth-enabled part of the device.

Note that Bluetooth technology and wireless technology is not the same thing, as not every wireless technology is Bluetooth. The main difference is that Bluetooth comes in-built with many devices in terms of compatibility, while the wireless headphones might need an adapter to connect to a device.

Wireless technology refers to connections of a computer to specific networks, and Bluetooth is the connection of different devices to transfer information. Wireless technology also has different forms of communication that use electromagnetic waves, such as radios or satellites.


What are wireless headphones?

They are small electronic speakers that you wear close to the ear. The device however, lacks connections to the headphone through any wire. These are mainly useful with gaming consoles, smartphones, electronic devices, televisions and computers, all without using a wire or cable.

They work by releasing audio signals using the assistance of IR (infrared) and radio signals that the device depends on. Their cordless nature makes them popular among people who do not need to worry about tangling of the cords as they use them, as well as gamers as they allow free movements. They are also very good for individuals that want to avoid disturbing others while watching shows or listening to music.


What about Bluetooth headphones?

Wireless headphones need to pair with the devices they are working with, and they do this by using radio or IR signals. Bluetooth technology is among the wireless technology, but is slightly different because it uses radio transmissions to transfer data over short distances.

The headphones contain Bluetooth computer chips that make the connections. A software assists it to pair to the respective device, and any Bluetooth-enabled device can connect with the headphones.


Bluetooth vs. Wireless headphones

They are both wireless, though the difference between them lies in their range. Wireless headphones have wider ranges, some reaching as far a 30 meters or 100 feet, while Bluetooth headphones can only reach distances of up to nine meters or 30 feet.


Which among them is better?

Generally, Bluetooth headphones are good because they allow you to stray from an audio device that you use, including MP3 players or smartphones. In addition, they are good for instances of going out for workout, as they are not messy and they do not have wires that tangle constantly. The other advantage is you can keep your phone in your pocket as you listen or a smart watch on your wrist.

They only have one drawback though: many of them still have wires, despite the promise of a ‘wireless experience’. For this reason, wireless headphones beat them by a long shot, unless you search for ‘True Wireless Bluetooth ear buds’.



Similar to other headphones, your choice boils down to personal preference. Each headphone type has its own advantages and disadvantages, though if you are looking for a better overall experience and range, wireless headphones are better for that regard. In terms of connectivity to devices, Bluetooth headsets are better.

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