10 Best Turntables under 100

Best Turntables under $100 – 2019

There is little, musically speaking that can compare to listening to your music from a turntable, the analog sound easily surpasses the computer generated digital sound.  Despite improvements in technology, Vinyl is back, many people still turn to the turntable to play their vinyl records. Today we will be reviewing the Best Turntables Under 100

If you want to enjoy good quality music then you may want to invest in a good turntable. A good turntable does not mean colossal amounts of money. There are good quality turntables that offer great functionality at pocket-friendly prices. There are some basic things that you may want to consider when looking for a good turntable including manual versus automatic, does it have inbuilt speakers, can you connect it to external speakers among other considerations.

The best part about it is even with $100 or less you can still get a fantastic turntable that will provide you with functionality, great sound and give you years of service. Some of the machines come in fully integrated meaning all you have to do is plug and play.

We will provide a review of our top 10 best turntables under $100. We will also highlight what you need to consider before buying one and hopefully you will be able to choose the best turntable for you.

Summary of Best turntables under $100

  Turntable Best for RPM Inbuilt speakers Price
1 ION Audio Max LP budget conscious 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RP yes Check price here
2 Audio Technica AT-LP60 Entry Level 33 1/3 and 45 RPM Yes Check price here
3 TECHPLAY TCP5 Best value for money 33/45/78 RPM   Yes Check price here
4 1BYONE TURNTABLE Best Portable 33/45/78 RPM   Yes Check price here
5 Jensen JTA-230 Best features   33/45/78 RPM   Yes Check price here
6 Crosley CR6019D   best easy to use 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM Yes Check price here
7 Lenco L-85   best plug and play 33 rpm and 45 rpm No Check price here
8 Pyle PLTTB1   Best aesthetics 33-1/3 and 45 rpm No Check price here
9 Miric Turntable Best multifunctional   33, 45 and 78 RPM YesCheck price here
10 Lauson Woodsound CL502   Best converter Lauson Woodsound CL502   Yes Check price here

1. ION Audio Max LP –best for the budget conscious. 

A lot of details went in the design of the turntable. The turntable has inbuilt speakers that deliver great sound as well as an AUX input for your smartphone and RCA ports that allow you to use your own speakers. You can also listen to music through your headphones if you want quiet listening with stereo quality sound.

The turntable has 3 speeds; 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM that lets you enjoy all the records in your collection.

It comes with converting and ripping software and can play all major record formats including cassette player and CD players. Convert tracks into digital tracks via USB onto your PC or MAC using the ION Audio EX conversion software.

The inbuilt stereos deliver clear sound for your listening pleasure. It also has a dust cover and a slip mat.

What we like

  • It can play any music format
  • 3-speed player
  • Inbuilt speakers with great sound quality
  • Dust cover and slip mat
  • Can covert vinyl tracks into digital tracks
  • Beautiful, sturdy design
  • Fairly priced

What we do not like

  • It does not have an automatic tonearm.
  • Does not have a pitch adjustment
  • Play varies, sometimes too fast sometimes too slow
  • The needle makes an odd sound

2. Audio Technica AT-LP60 – best entry level

The Audio Technica has crisp sound and a sleek design that will look good anywhere. It has RCA outputs and phono allowing for just about any set-up. Play your 3-1/3 and 45 RPM records and enjoy the music from the built-in switchable phono pre-amplifier. The sound from the turntable is very good and its compact size makes it portable.

The tonearm is automatic, freeing you from the need to set the arm manually. The arm automatically returns to rest position once the LP has finished playing. The anti-resonance die-cast aluminum platter minimizes vibration.

Please watch where you put the turntable as it has a choking hazard warning, small children may swallow the small parts.

What we like

  • Fully Automatic
  • Can play 33-1/3 and 45 RPM records
  • Has a phono preamp for good sound
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Removable dust cover and slip mat
  • Bluetooth speakers compatible
  • Good sound from the inbuilt amplifiers.
  • Replaceable diamond stylus

What we do not like

  • 2-speed player, cannot play 78RPM records
  • Upgrading or customizing is not possible.

 3. TECHPLAY TCP5 – Best value for money

The Techplay turntable has great features. It has an AM/FM inbuilt radio, an MP3 player that uses USB and SD ports, integrated stereo system amongst others. For better sound, you can connect to your speaker system using the RCA line.  

Use the pitch control to adjust speed as well as lift the lever.

Play your 33/45/78 RPM records on the 3-speed turntable and enjoy the stereo sound emanating from the speaker system. Connect your phone and headphones for additional functionality.

What we like

  • Has pitch control
  • Inbuilt AM/FM radio.
  • Attractive design with LED lights
  • Plays 3 speed vinyl and music from MP3 players
  • Smart devices compatible
  • Value for money
  • Has a dust cover

What we do not like

  • Speakers are a bit small
  • Radio output not very good

4. 1BYONE TURNTABLE – best portable

Compact, portable design describes the 1byone turntable. Despite its size, this turntable delivers on performance.

The turntable comfortably plays a range of music formats including 33, 45 and 78 RPM records. Listen to stereo-quality music from the front facing inbuilt speakers. You can also record vinyl to MP3 with the 1byone turntable.

Use the RCA/AUX to connect your home stereo or headphones. The briefcase design makes it lightweight and portable for easy storage.

What we like

  • The 3-speed player plays a range of record formats
  • Built-in front-facing stereos
  • Portable due to the compact size
  • Unique aesthetically pleasing design
  • Has pitch control
  • 30-day money back guarantee

What we do not like

  • The sound may not live up to expectations, lacks bass.
  • May skip and damage vinyl

5. Jensen JTA-230 – best features

 The JTA turntable can play 33, 45 and 78 RPM records with sound delivery through the stereo system. You can also convert Vinyl records to MP3 digital with the record, edit and convert software which comes as part of the package.

 Connect your iPod or other audio players for additional functionality. Enjoy private listening using the headphones which deliver stereo sound.

 Adjust the speed of the music using pitch control. Volume and tone control also allows you to listen to your music at your preferred levels. The dust cover keeps the turntable clean and dust free.

What we like

  • Automatic stop switch
  • Has a dust cover
  • Inbuilt speakers
  • Music converter from vinyl to MP3
  • 3-speed player
  • Inbuilt speakers with RCA line out.

What we do not like

  • Sound distortion reported in some players
  • Manual raising and lowering of the arm
  • Restricted tone adjustment
  • Player slows down sometimes

6. Crosley CR6019D – best easy to us

The Crosley turntable allows you to stream music from your Bluetooth devices to the dynamic full range speakers. The portable design allows you to use the turntable anywhere you are.  Use the USB connection to listen to your music and convert your vinyl records to digital music. 

Listen to your 33-1/3 and 45 RPM records and connect it to external speakers using the RCA output cables and enjoy the greatly enhanced sound. Connect to Windows, PC or Mac using the USB connection.

What we like

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Converts vinyl to digital
  • 3-speed player
  • USB output connects to computer; MAC or PC
  • Great for first-time users
  • Easy set-up – plug and play
  • Adjustable pitch control
  • Built-in speakers

What we do not like

  • The sound quality  issue in some machines
  • The material used has a plastic feel that may appear cheap to some
  • May skip

7. Lenco L-85- best plug and play

­­The Lenco L85 is semi-automatic with a built-in phono stage. Hook it up to external speakers and enjoy the enhanced sound with the built-in stereo amp.

It supports USB recording and converts vinyl to MP3.  It is light but well built. No set-up required, plug it in and you are good to go.

The turntable is semi-automatic with mechanical raise and lower arm. You can automatically stop play using the reject button or separate tracks using the split button.  The arm automatically returns when the music ends. It has 2 speeds, 33 rpm, and 45 rpm.

What we like

  • User-friendly and fairly priced
  • Plug and play makes it convenient to use.
  • Built-in stereo amp allows for great sound output especially on the vocals
  • Allows for the splitting of tracks
  • Semi-automatic with mechanical tone arm lifter.
  • Converts vinyl to MP3
  • Has a dust cover

What we do not like

  • The loud colors and plastic look might not be to everyone’s liking
  • Not great on bass

8. Pyle PLTTB1 – Best aesthetics

The design aspects make it easy to use even in the dark due to the illuminated buttons and strobe lights. The adjustable pitch control and playback speed of 33-1/3 and 45 rpm allows you to listen to your music at your preferred setting.

The weighted tone arm keeps the playback smooth. Use the start//stop button if you need to quickly stop the platter. It is, however, a manual turntable and may not appeal to those who prefer automatic machines.

The dust cover protects the turntable from dust and debris. Keep it away from children who may choke on the small parts.

What we like

  • Adjustable pitch control +/-16
  • Weighted ‘s’ tonearm
  • Has dust cover to keep the turntable clean
  • Fairly priced
  • Plays 33-1/3 and 45 rpm records
  • I year warranty

What we do not like

  • Skips and sticks sometimes
  • Poor sound quality reported in some machines
  • Sound distortion on high volume

9. Miric Turntable – best multifunctional

Miric turntable comes equipped with Bluetooth making it compatible with Bluetooth speakers. It is suitable for 3 size vinyl records that are 7, 10 and 12 inches. It supports USB disk and SD cards and has built-in speakers that provide louder and excellent sound. 

Enjoy your 33, 45 and 78 RPM records with the 3-speed player. The ceramic material used to make the needle ensures longevity while the leather suitcase dust cover makes it easy to clean.

What we like

  • Bluetooth and line output connectivity
  • Plays 33, 45 and 78 RPM records
  • Ceramic needle thus more durable
  • Inbuilt dual speakers
  • Minimized vibration due to the DC servo structure
  • Minimalistic design
  • 24-month warranty

What we do not like

  • Turntable Is not stable

10. Lauson Woodsound CL502 – Best converter

The Lauson Woodsound is a 3-speed turntable that plays 33, 45 and 78 RPM, 3-speed player. It has an inbuilt speaker system and comes with an extra Stylus. It also has tone and volume control and output for external speakers.

Convert and edit your vinyl records into MP3 format using the included software.  Adjust tone and sound using the volume and tone control.

What we like

  • Built-in speakers
  • plays 33, 45 and 78 RPM 3 records
  • Extra stylus
  • Convert vinyl tracks to MP3 format
  • Volume and tone control
  • Auto on and off

What we do not like

  • It is not automatic, you have to manually manipulate the arm
  • For better sound use external speakers.

Buying Guide

Before buying a turntable, there are certain factors you may want to consider. Ultimately it is your personal preference that will determine the turntable you choose but our guide below should make the process easier for you.

  1. Price range

As much as our review is about best turntables under $100, be watchful about offerings at every price point.  Turntables below $100 will have most of the basic functions you require. You may, however, need to invest in external speakers for better sound quality. Upgrading the lower level turntables may not be available as an option at all.

  • Automatic or Manual

For people who want a really old school feel then the manual is perfect for you. Only thing is that you have to be very precise about where you place the needle when listening to your record. You also have to lift the needle off at the end of the song.

Manual machines are easy to use, put in the vinyl, push a button and enjoy. The semi-automatic unit embraces both functions, position the vinyl and once done the needle resets automatically. 

Check if the machine is easy to set up. You are better off choosing a plug and play turntable which comes fully set-up than buying separate components and having to figure out what goes where.

  • Speed

Many machines are two speed playing either 33 or 78 RPM or 33and 45 RPM.  Others will come with 3 speeds playing the 33, 45 and 78 RPM.  If you want to play really old records then get the 78 RPM. 7” and 12” records play at 45 and 33RPM.

  • Functionality

What functionalities does your turntable offer for instance, does it have a USB option that allows you to convert your vinyl records into MP3 tracks, does the machine come with additional software thus saving you the expenses of buying them. Does it have Bluetooth connectivity, can you connect it to your PC, Mac or smart devices.

  • Sound

You want to enjoy your music, so paying close attention to sound quality is very important.  Look for a turntable that will give you great sound. Some come with inbuilt speakers or amps, while others allow you to connect to external speakers using the RCA output or Bluetooth function.

  • Portability

If you will be using the turntable at different locations, then consider how portable the machines are. Pick something that is lightweight but built of sturdy material.

  • Dust cover

If you live in a dusty or humid area, ensure the turntable you choose has a dust cover. This will protect the internal parts from dust and water.


We have reviewed 10 best turntables under $100 and advised on what we like and what we do not. Our pick would be the Audio Technica which is budget friendly and easy to use. 

Whatever brand you decide upon, make sure you enjoy the full benefits of aesthetics, great sound, ease of use and portability.

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