Best Headphones for Drummers

Best Headphones for Drumming – 2019

Music soothes the soul and being a part of a band can be both exciting and cathartic, especially if you are a drummer. After all, as you bang your drumsticks on the drum to create the perfect beat, you can feel the pent-up energy within you seeping out.

However, the job of the drummer is the most difficult as well. You need to take care of the tempo as well as the beat. Not to mention that hearing protection via headphones is necessary to ensure that the constant banging of the drums does not impair your hearing. To do it all, you will require the best headphones for drumming that you can buy.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 M 80$$$4.8
Etymotic Research HF5$$4.6
Vic Firth VFSIH1$$4.5
Direct Sound EX-29$$$4.5
Sony MDR7506$$4.4

How to Choose the Best Headphones for Drumming?

Choosing the best headphones for drumming is not an easy feat. You might be inclined to pick the first headphone you spot in a store. After all, how different can they be? Well, we are here to tell you that not only are different headphones quite different, but there is also an array of factors you must consider before purchasing one.


Let’s begin with the universal factor which is looked for in all types of headphones, be it for drumming or merely listening to music. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with a headphone which isn’t comfortable to use.

Imagine yourself using one which doesn’t fit well and hurts quite a bit. Envision yourself sitting through a day of rehearsal in such a pair of headphones. If you are in a band and require a headphone for extended periods, you will realize that a comfortable fit is an essential feature.

For those of you who prioritize comfort over all other factors, you will find over-the-ear headphones to be a smart choice. This is because not only do they fit most users, but they are also accompanied by sufficient padding. However, the clamping force that some of them apply to the head can be a source of pain for some.


Yet another factor which is important for every purchase you make is the durability of the product. Whether it be something as small as a headphone or as big as a drum set, robustness matters.

This is because of two primary reasons. Firstly, it renders the need for frequent purchases unnecessary. Let’s face it, no one likes making daily trips to the store only to get a headphone. You would rather spend the time productively in rehearsing and making good music.

Secondly, how long a product lasts makes it highly cost-effective. Imagine that you buy a comparatively premium pair of headphones, but if it lasts a long time, the overall cost you will incur will be less.

Quality of Sound

Now, let’s come to the features of a headphone that differentiate a bad one from a good one. While there are two kinds of headphones available, namely in-ear and over-the-ear, in both of these types, the thing you should look out for is optimum sound quality.

To the untrained, the job of the drummer might not seem that big. However, whether it be the beat or the tempo, there is quite a lot a drummer needs to take care of. Hence, there is an underlying need for the sound of the headphones to be as clear as possible.

As a drummer, you must be able to hear all the variations in instruments and vocals. How else will you provide the correct beat? Hence, make sure you select headphones that pass the quality test. Remember, the longer the cords of the headphones, the greater the chance of it entangling and, thereby, lowering the quality offered.

Noise Isolation

Every member of the band who plays an instrument needs a tool to cancel out all the unnecessary noise. This holds true for drummers as well. While there are various factors that govern the extent to which noise can be canceled, the fact remains that some of the best headphones for drummers are much better at isolating noise than others.

However, the catch for drummers is that they cannot opt for headphones that actively cancel noise. This is because these products are unable to reduce the sudden noise of drums. Still, they do provide the insulation required for protection.

5 Best Headphones for Drumming

Are you confused about picking the best headphones out of a sea of products? Are you scared of making the wrong decision? Don’t worry. We are here to provide you with a list of products you might find satisfactory.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 M 80 Ohm Closed Monitoring Headphones

If you are a drummer and a passionate lover of music, there is a high chance that you have heard of Beyerdynamic. This company is all the rage among drummers. Such popularity can be attributed to the consistency of quality provided by its products, and its DT 770 headphone is one such example of quality.

Main Features

The best thing about these headphones is the high-resolution sound that blasts through them. As a drummer, the crisp and clear sound quality is perfect for making harmonious music. Thus, for those of you who wish for the best quality of sound, this product will not disappoint.

When it comes to comfort, the headphones are quite satisfactory. This is achieved via the addition of a microfiber fabric as well as padding on the ear cups. However, we noticed that despite the inclusion of such components, the headphones did become a little uncomfortable to wear for an extended period.

You won’t have to worry about the durability of the product. The manufacturers have designed the product keeping the need for robustness in mind. This headphone comes with a strong metal frame, while the ear cups are quite dense to provide protection against falls.


  • It features excellent sound quality.
  • It is highly durable.
  • The extensive padding makes the headphone quite comfortable.
  • The built-in volume control is a source of convenience.


  • The design is bulky and can be improved.
  • We found the sound to leak at high volumes.
  • Since the headphones cannot be folded, they are not portable, which undermines the convenience offered.


Even though the product has a few flaws, the quality of the sound and the durability of the product make up for the drawbacks. As a drummer, you will find it to be a worthy investment.

Etymotic Research HF5 Noise-Isolating In-Ear Earphones

Etymotic is yet another company that has fared well among drummers along with other users. This is because not only are the headphones provided by Etymotic known for their performance, but they are also credited for playing a role in improving hearing. Its HF5 noise-isolating earphones are one of its many quality products.

Main Features

The first thing we noticed about the Etymotic HF5 earphones was how securely they fit. Ask any drummer, and they will tell you that the most annoying thing about using earphones is the constant struggle to ensure they stay in place. The ultra-secure fit of this headphone serves to be a breath of fresh air.

Additionally, sound isolation offered by the headphones is quite exemplary. In fact, if we were to say that it is one of the best ones on the market on this matter, it would not be an exaggeration. Thus, if you are planning to select this headphone, rest assured that you will be protected from all sorts of noise.

Moreover, the headphones have also succeeded in being robust. Whether it be the reinforced cable or the replaceable filters, you can expect this pair of earphones to last long enough for you to gain maximum usage out of it.

As far as the quality of the sound is concerned, we believe that it could be further improved in some respects. This does not mean that the performance of the earphones is downright bad. In genres like rock and classical, it is quite good. However, when it comes to hip-hop, further improvement can be made. If you are into hip-hop, be warned.


  • The noise cancellation feature is as good as it can get.
  • Since the earphones are not bulky, they are quite portable.
  • The durability offered makes the earphones cost-effective.


  • The quality of sound could have been better.
  • It is not the most comfortable earphone in town.


Unless you are interested in hip-hop and are on the lookout for earphones for prolonged usage, you will not be disappointed by this product.

Vic Firth VFSIH1 Stereo Isolation Headphones

Not everyone wishes to make a hefty investment in headphones. Some of us value affordability along with other features when looking for the best headphones for drumming. For all such souls, Vic Firth is here with an item which is cheap yet functional.

Main Features

Apart from being highly affordable, VFSIH1 is equipped with various value-added features. The manufacturers of the headphones have taken multiple measures to make the headphones optimum to be used for recording and performing.

The noise reduction feature is neither too bad nor too good, and that is a positive feature. As a drummer, you wouldn’t want to cancel all the noise. After all, some of the sounds are necessary for you to play the drums as per the demands of the song. However, too much noise can also be a distraction. Therefore, this headphone reduces noise by 24 decibels, thereby ensuring that you hear just enough of it all to do your part without impairing your hearing.

When you think of a low-priced product, you assume that it will not be comfortable. While such a trade-off exists in most products, one of the astonishing things about this headphone is the absence of such a trade-off. Instead, the foam cushions added in the headphones allow for maximum comfort, regardless of how long you use them for.

The 72-inch cord further makes this headphone ideal for live performances. It provides musicians with quite a lot of room to move around without disrupting the sound quality of the headphones. This feature is appreciated much more by singers than drummers.


  • The headphones succeed in handling the frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
  • It is an excellent value for money.
  • The product is both durable and portable.
  • It is comfortable for extended use.


  • The design of the headphones could be improved.


Unless you are looking for the aesthetic factor in your earphone, there is nothing about this product that would deter you from selecting it.

Direct Sound EX-29 Dynamic Closed Headphones

With crisp sound, comfort and convenience, Direct Sound EX-29 has managed to offer customers some of the most sought-after features and has positioned itself as a trusted brand in the eyes of most consumers.

Main Features

The first time you hold these headphones is when you’ll realize how lightweight such products can be. Such a weight, or a lack thereof, is a lucrative feature for multiple reasons. Firstly, it makes long music sessions comfortable since you don’t have a bulky object weighing you down. Secondly, it makes carrying the product quite an easy feat. If you select this product, your drumming headphones will not be limited to your studio. Instead, you can carry them around and use them for other purposes as well.

These headphones take pride in delivering highly precise audio. This is achieved through the use of an eight-inch cable extension along with a 6.3 mm adapter and 3.2 mm stereo plug. Together, these components make sure that you are able to hear clear audio.

The fact that no batteries are required to operate these headphones is yet another convenient feature of this product. Now, you can bid goodbye the possibility of the headphones not working due to low batteries.

To ensure that users find the headphones comfortable, regardless of how long they use it for, the manufacturers of the headphones have used incredible padding. On top of this, the headband itself can be adjusted to various settings, providing you with the flexibility of choosing a fit which best suits different users.


  • The noise isolation feature is impeccable.
  • The price is justified.
  • Since the headphones can be folded, they are both portable and easy to store.


  • The durability of the product is undermined due to the usage of a plastic headband.


It is true that the lack of durability is a serious flaw of these headphones. However, the low price of the product allows you to look over such disadvantages. For short-term use, these headphones are not a bad choice.

Sony MDR7506

When you hear Sony, you automatically imagine the item to be worth the money. Sony has built such an image owing to its commitment to delivering optimum performance. This holds true for its headphones as well. A prime example of this is the MDR7506 which is dubbed as one of the best closed headphones for drummers.

Main Features

Unlike other quality products that charge a premium price, the cost of this headphone is quite low. While it is not as cheap as some of the low-quality headphones available, it is still low enough to be within the budgetary limits of most users. This has made it a likely choice for budget-conscious customers as well as those on the higher end.

The headphones feature a closed setup which, when combined with the light weight of the product, makes it extremely comfortable to use. This comfort remains intact in both short and long sessions.

Additionally, since they can handle quite a lot of power, 1000 mW to be exact, you don’t need to worry about their ability to offer bass sounds. This feature, together with the 10 to 20 kHz frequency, makes this an ideal equipment for drummers.

Sony has been quite considerate of the fact that different equipment has different plugging requirements. This headphone has both ¼-inch and 1/8-inch plugs. Hence, you don’t need to worry about whether the headphones will fit into your equipment or not.


  • The headphones feature high sensitivity,
  • The light weight of the product makes it portable.
  • The price is reasonable.


  • The sound quality could have been better.


For the price charged, the benefits offered by the headphones are satisfactory. Within the price range, the sound quality is good but cannot be compared to premium products.


All five of the items mentioned are great in their own ways. When it comes to being the best headphones for drummers, we believe that the Beyerdynamic DT 770 M 80 Ohm Closed Monitoring Headphones are the clear winner.

It is true that these headphones are slightly expensive when compared to other items on the list. However, when it comes to offering the right features, Beyerdynamic succeeds in delivering a holistic package.

Your choice in headphones can be starkly different from ours. It all boils down to what your priorities and level of usage are. Just make sure you select the best one as per your requirements. Put on your headphones and create magic.

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