Behringer Studio 50USB Review

How different would the world be if you couldn’t hear people or things properly? Listening is one of the senses that truly bring any experience to life. Sometimes, your own ability to listen is not enough to ensure that you hear effectively. It is the quality of the medium that matters as well. One such medium is a loudspeaker.

Whether it be for watching movies on your desktop or using it as a source of music for your dance party, a loudspeaker can make or break it all. Think about it; you are talking to your loved ones but can’t understand what they are saying because your speaker isn’t up to the task.

Therefore, picking the right speaker is immensely important. There is a need to sift through possible options and select one which offers an array of features. One such product is the Behringer Studio 50USB speaker.

High-Quality Audio

One of the best features of this speaker is the quality audio it succeeds in providing. There are various ways in which it is able to do so. Firstly, it is equipped with four amplifiers which allow the speaker to deliver premium sound. The combined effect of the amplification is 150 watts, which is enough to ensure that the loudspeaker blasts quality audio without any disruptions. While most other loudspeakers fail to deliver quality bass sounds, the inclusion of the Kevlar cone in the woofer allows you to deliver this as well.

Additionally, it is equipped with waveguide technology. This technology plays an integral role in making sure that the sound is dispersed evenly in the surrounding. With some speaks, you can hear clear audio in certain parts of a given room but not in others. With this dispersion technology, you can rest assured that the music will be enjoyable by all. This makes the loudspeaker an excellent equipment for parties and gatherings.

A common complaint of users is that even though loudspeakers are meant to be used with a desktop, some of them create quite a lot of disturbance when near one. This occurs due to the effect of frequencies. This speaker has been successful in avoiding this pitfall as well.

This is ensured through the magnetically shield present in the speaker. The shield prevents any dissonance caused by clashing frequencies. This further enhances the quality of the sound since it means that not only is the product producing amplified and high-resolution audio, but it also succeeds in ensuring that no external elements undermine its performance.

USB Powered and Warranty

Yet another problem with most loudspeakers is that their use is limited to the presence of a power outlet. If you are looking for a speaker solely for your desktop, this might not pose an issue. However, if you wish for a speaker which you can use when out camping or when not near a power outlet, you will find most loudspeakers quite inconvenient.

This product belongs to one of the few exceptions that do not limit you. This is because this speaker is powered by a USB. This feature renders the speaker capable of being used virtually anywhere. Whether it be out in the woods or in a place which does not have an outlet at an accessible position, you might find this loudspeaker to be your savior through it all.

Yet another valuable feature offered by the manufacturers of this product is the inclusion of a three-year warranty. This is beneficial for customers in two ways. Firstly, it says a lot about the durability of the product. After all, why would the company be willing to take responsibility for fixing the product if it knows that it is bound to break often?

Furthermore, the warranty makes the purchase of the loudspeaker quite cost-effective in the long run since you can expect the product to last for three years at least. Even if it breaks, the expenses would be taken care of to an extent. Both these aspects make the guarantee offered a value-added feature.

Product Specifications

  • The product weighs 14.3 pounds.
  • It features a bi-amp configuration.
  • The total power of the product is 150 watts.
  • The dimensions of the speaker are 7 by 8 by 10 inches.
  • The LF driver size is 5 inches.
  • The HF driver size is 1 inches.
  • It is ideal for studios and workstations.
  • It is equipped with four amplifiers.
  • The 1-inch dome tweeter is included for quality sound production.
  • There are two inputs in the speaker, which are analog in nature and include XLR and TRS connectors.

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

This loudspeaker has generally received positive reviews from customers. Since no one wishes to make unnecessary trips to the market every time their speakers break down, the fact that this loudspeaker manages to be highly durable is appreciated by the users. Additionally, the price of the speaker is quite low when you compare it to other similar products. This allows it to be an excellent choice for all the budget-friendly souls out there.

However, there have been a few people who have not been satisfied with the product. Even though many find the USB powered function to be an excellent addition in terms of portability and flexibility, others find this aspect to be the reason why the product does not deliver as great of a performance as some traditional speakers.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to what matters to you. While it might be true that the loudspeaker may lack a few performance-related benefits owing to the USB-powered aspect, this is also the reason for the convenience people experience. If you prioritize versatility in usability, affordability, and convenience above all, you will be satisfied with this loudspeaker.

Give the Behringer Studio 50USB a try. Enjoy its quality audio and amplification. Be the judge of its functions and form your own verdict about the loudspeaker.

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