Behringer DJX 750 Review


This is another 5-channel controller from Behringer. The controller has excellent sound quality and is filled with impressive features. The controller channels can run tape decks, CDs, Mp3 and mini players. The Behringer comes with ultra-low noise preamps that help maximize headroom, and provide ultra-transparent sound.


Equalizer: the onboard 3-band EQ handles vocal fine tunning. This provides up to 15 dB which creates a broad tonal palette. The channel EQ uses the same frequency centers and has a boost of up to 12 dB.

Auto-ducking: trying to say something with the volume high can be difficult, that is why the Behringer comes with talk over function that can detect your voice and bring the music volume down. This ensures that your voice is always at the forefront. You can customize this feature to your preferences.

Crossfader: with the voltage controlled amplifier (VCA) you do not have to worry about audio noise. The faders have a 500,000 cycle life which ensures that you have over 275 fades per night. This can take you roughly five years. CF curve control will enable you to do customized crossfading.

Digital effects: the Behringer has an assortment of onboard digital effects. With 33 outstanding effects to choose from the DJ is spoilt for choice. This include reverbs, shifters, flangers and delays. Also if you want to get the crowd wild, then you can select the voice changer and auto filter.

Mixing: you can go with the stereo or mode switch. If you want to hear the PFL output on the one side of your headphone, then switch to the Mode switch. When you want to hear the PFL on both sides of your headphones then turn the MIX control counterclockwise to access the stereo mode.

Sound Quality: the Behringer offers unrivaled sound quality. The controller comes with ULN (ultra low noise) preamps. This provides extremely low noise, maximum headroom, and ultra-transparent sound. This is why most DJs have made the Behringer their preferred controller. Also, the Behringer has the XPQ 3D provides surround stereo that fills the dance floor. This gives your immense music depth and creates fantastic sounds. XPQ can be adjusted for that stereo surround effect. This controller offers ultra-low noise and comes in a sophisticated black body. The Behringer is also made from very high-quality components which makes it long lasting.


  • Dedicated mic channel for distinct sound quality
  • Vocal tuning through onboard three bands EQ
  • State of the digital art effects
  • VCA controller for reliability and smooth audio performance
  • Auto talk over function with separate depth control
  • Monitor function that incorporates master/cue balance control and split option
  • The controller made from high-quality materials
  • XPQ can be adjusted for that stereo surround effect


There have been problems with the indicator lights

Final thoughts

The Behringer lives to its price tag by offering a high-quality controller that is loaded with features. The controller produces high-quality sounds and incorporates an auto talk over function for separate depth control. The state of the art digital sound effects makes this controller a gem.

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