Apogee Element 24 Review

The music you hear these days or the sounds which have been edited by professionals haven’t just been done like that. It requires profound software which has many features to ensure that the sound quality being produced is up to the mark. Most sound producers and musicians know the importance of such software and that it doesn’t just end there. Some basic hardware is also required to ensure that the sound being recorded and produced is high quality.

One of the basic needs for producing such sound is an audio interface which ensures that you get a variety of sound output that can be used later and edited. This product can easily be connected to various other equipment like a microphone, computer or other instruments to capture even the slightest sound.

If you are looking for an audio interface device, one of the best options available is the Apogee Element 24. Apogee recently launched this line of product, including Element 24, to cater to the audio interface needs of its customers. It is known to be one of the best brands for producing high-quality sound and ensuring that the job of a producer gets easier as they do their work.

The Thunderbolt

With this product, you can easily connect to a MacBook using the Thunderbolt port (your computer should be able to support this interface for you to use it). With just a single Thunderbolt adapter, the connection can be formed via the USB port. The only downside here is that you will have to buy your own Thunderbolt cable as it is not included in the price of the device.

The Thunderbolt connection allows a strong audio interface to be formed, which then ensures that all the sounds have been recorded with ease and are easily connected and transferred onto the computer or laptop you are using. It also comes with multiunit Thunderbolt support which ensures that you can simply connect it to different units at the same time to have the perfect sound effect. Plus, you will be able to make the fastest transfers ever. The time it takes for you to make transfers will definitely reduce by half.

Element Control

The Element 24 is a device that does not have any buttons or controls on the box itself. It only features connectivity ports and a charging port, and that’s about it. This means that you will have to use and control the device from an external source. To make sure that you can easily do this, you need some good virtual alternatives.

One alternative is the company’s already available software, Maestro, but why use that when it has developed a special one dedicated to the Element 24? This interface is called the Element Control and can be used and installed easily. Once you run this software, you will have the choice of selecting the template of your choice, which is built to configure the Element Control and its setup. The template that you choose will be set as the default template and will be used whenever you start the next job.

You will find that the interface has two controls, which are the Essentials and the Primary. The Primary control is the main window which will give your complete functionality of the interface and the Essentials will only show you the important controls of the interface. You can choose what to display on the Essentials window so that you can use it with any other audio software that is running on your computer.

Product Specifications

  • The product comes with 10 in x 12 out Thunderbolt I/O box audio.
  • AD/DA conversion which can go up to 192 kHz for recording.
  • It has amazing mic preamps with 2 analog inputs and 48V phantom power with which you can connect mics and other instruments or even line level gadgets.
  • There are 4 analog outputs available including 2 L/R XLR balanced outputs and 1 ¼ inches headphone output.
  • There is single port Thunderbolt connectivity as well for Mac to ensure low latency performance.
  • The optical IN and OUT supports S/PDIF, ADAT, and SMUX.
  • It includes a word clock to sync with other digital audio gear.
  • It comes with Apogee Control software and a mobile app as well.
  • It can easily be set up with the Apogee Control desktop hardware.
  • It has multiunit Thunderbolt support.
  • There is an Apogee ensemble Thunderbolt expander as well.

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

This device has been given a high rating of 4.8 out of 5 as it is one of the best audio interfaces ever produced. It has a received of positive customer feedback online, and customers keep raving on about how great of a product it is to use as they have not experienced any glitch. The quality of sound and the user interface are also fantastic and ensures that the producers are able to get the sound quality they need.

While the price is quite high, that is compensated by the value of the product. It is top quality and ensures that everything is perfect and easy to use. The product itself is highly durable and built to last for a long time. It does not come with a Thunderbolt cable, but that is because the cables are quite expensive and adding that would mean that the price of the overall product would increase as well. Plus, if a cable was added, it would probably be too short to fulfill one’s needs.

Hence, if you are looking for a product that is easy to use, provides high-quality results and is simply one of the greatest products that you can find, then choose the Apogee Element 24. You will not be disappointed by the product and will get full use out of it for a long time to come.


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