Akai AMX Review

This is a modular controller that for Serato DJ software. The controller is small and compact. It is made from durable plastic and the controls are very solid. It comes in a black top base with red color adorning the base. The Akai controller is stable due to four rubber feet. When it comes to functionality it comes with some impressive features like; crossfader, touch to kill EQs, roll and a built-in audio interface. This budget-friendly controller is suitable for anyone serious about being a DJ. The controller comes with an USB port; since it does not operate standalone you will need to connect it to your laptop.


Turn controller into DVS mixer: once you plug in your turntables and CDJs to the Akai AMX, it changes and becomes a part of your DVS setup. However, you will need to buy a Serato DVS extension and plug the CDJs or turntables to timecode media in/off. Should your turntables have separate earth wire, you have a ground pin and RCAs that you can earth too.

USB to Laptop: the AMX does not operate alone, you use the USB to your laptop and access more features. For example, when you use the “thru” mode through the software, you can use both CDs and vinyl on the decks. By rooting the controller through Serato, you can get some features like filter and mixer as well as all Serato features. If you are using a PC, you will need to install the drivers first. But, if you want to use the DVS, you will need a Serato’s DVS expansion pack. The USB port powers the AMX meaning there is no need to plug your controller into a power socket. The AMX is not a standalone mixer you need to keep it plugged into your computer at all times.

Design: while the Akai brand is on the controller it bears a lot of similarities to Numark NS711. It is made of plastic but feels solid. There is an inbuilt innofader. The Akai comes in black with a bright red base; you get four rubber feet for stability, but you may need a stand if you are using turntables for extra stability. You will notice that all the buttons for the two line faders are recessed and properly bolted to the faceplate. The backlit is made of hard plastic which makes them sturdy. You can use your headphones through the 1/8” socket on the front right. Another impressive design is that the RCA ins for CDj are gold plated.

You will also notice the “Akai professional,” “Serato” logos are printed on the front and top of the unit. This gives the controller a very professional feel.


  • AMX is USB powered, using computer power
  • Sturdy design that is long lasting
  • Comes with mini innofader
  • Beautiful design with black color on top and a bright red base
  • Rubber feet for extra stability



They need to work on the pitch controls

Final Thoughts

This controller is what you need to power your turntables or CDjs. You can use it on its own or connect it through USB to your laptop.


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