10 Best Headset Under 100

Get the best headset under $ 100 only for different needs

A serious gamer or a music lover cannot do without the right headset. It allows you to communicate with loved ones as well as enjoy your favorite music, and play games using the same headphone. This does not mean that you spend so much money to achieve these needs.

The market offers headsets under 100.  We have found the best headsets for you at an affordable rate. We will first summarize this information in tabular form then conclude our discussion with the considerations for the best headset. Enjoy!

Comparison table



FeatureRatingProduct Link
HyperXcloudGaming headset53mm hifi capable drivers 



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SteelSeries 61433 Arctis 3Fabric Airweave ear cushions 



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Logitech G433



7.1 positional sound






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Skullcandy Hesh 3


Folding cups




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Skullcandy Grind



Music playback button






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Samsung Level u Pro



UHQ audio






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Skullcandy Hesh 3–it is wireless

The Skullcandy Hesh 3 gives you a solid feel and a classy look. It features a giant skull and has a minimalist design.  You can get in different colors such as lime green, rainbow vomit or neon pink.


  • Foam pads
  • Folding cups
  • Bluetooth
  • Wired input
  • 22-hour battery life

You will notice that the Hesh 3 outer surface of your headset is made of matte plastic. It has a stem that links you to your headband. The cups are designed in a way that makes it portable. The make, however, limits the isolation when playing under high-frequency sound.

The initial feel of the thick foam pads is comfortable. It is unfortunate that the firm clamping can make the pads uncomfortable after prolonged use. It provides constant pressure on the earlobes as well as cartilage. You can reduce this effect through placing your ears in such a way that it nestles on top of the cup opening. People who have small ears report problems with using this headset for a while.

It is a solid headset that uses Bluetooth. The stability of the wireless network is reliable, and the battery life is extended. You can use your headset up to 22 hours. It also provides you with rapid charging. There are three buttons on the right cup of your headset to play, alter or pause your music. The buttons prevent you from using the multi-tap gesture.

You get a significantly different sound that does not emphasize on bass sound. The energy of Hesh 3 comes from the treble of your headset. The treble magnifies digital noise and hisses which is disadvantageous. The headphones may lack some of the features offered in other headsets, but they give you high-quality sound.

What we liked

  • A classy look
  • Lot energy to your sound
  • A high wireless stability

What we did not like

  • It produces digital noise
  • The headset is not very comfortable

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Skullcandy Grind-it is comfortable to use over a long time

Get a headset that is both cheap and comfortable for use. They have a matte finish on your ear cups that is soft and elegant. You headband sliders are made from plastic. The microphone positioning is, however, not the best.

Key features

  • A microphone that is built-in
  • A removable cable
  • One-ear design
  • A playback button

You cannot compare the quality of this headset to its price. It has a built-in microphone that you can activate using a single button of the port of your headset cable. The TapTech controls your headset when you need to use the mic. This also regulates your playback music.

You will love the comfort of the grinds. It has a light frame and ear pads that are accommodating to wear them. The mesh material used on your headset also has a smooth feel. Unlike most headsets, Skull candy minimizes the thickness of the mesh material in the middle to prevent fatigue as you use it on your head.

The headset also contains REX40TM drivers that prevent it from emphasizing on bass. It has a well-balanced sound that remains stable even when you are using high volumes. It gives you power without compromising on the mid-range performance and treble.

It is well-rounded and caters to the taste of your music. It gives you vocals at natural details. You can take clear voice calls using the built-in microphone. It is unfortunate that the noise isolation on this headset gives you limitations.  We love the streamlined design and the build quality of this headset.

What we liked

  • The quality of the sound is well balanced
  • Your headset is light
  • It is comfortable
  • A removable cable measuring 3.5mm is added

What we did not like

  • You may notice some sound leakage

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Samsung Level U Pro– it is lightweight and sweat-resistant

This headset gives you a comfortable and a neck design allowing it to be lightweight. It sounds good and gives you some vibration when someone calls. It uses collar style Bluetooth to operate.  You may not like the buds on it since they feel cheap and not durable.


  • Level U
  • Volume monitor
  • Equalizer

The headset is a noise isolating device. It allows you to jam the tips to your ear canal and prevent external noise from interfering with your music experience. It has a level U Pro that enables you to connect the headphone to your tablet or smartphone.

You will notice the buttons on the side of your neckband. They make it easy to play or pause your music as per your preference. You can also answer and end your calls by pressing the buttons. If you need to skip a particular track or increase the volume, the buttons will help. They are easy to operate, and they are versatile.

The earbuds of your headset are magnetic. This allows them to clasp together to minimize clutter when you are not using your headphones. You may, however, have problems with retracting using these headphones. We like the fact that this headset is compatible with Samsung’s UHG audio standard to provide you with high-quality audio through Bluetooth.

Feel free to download the Level app to get the advanced settings of your headphones. This allows you to read notifications using your headphones. You also get an equalizer and volume monitor to tweak different sounds.

They give you clear decent. The tremble push allows you to provide some sibilance at the high end of the vocals. You get natural sounds that are not distorted at high volumes.

What we liked

  • It is light and well designed
  • The headphones are comfortable to use for long
  • The Bluetooth connection allows you to make calls through your headset.
  • They remain in your ears securely

What we did not like

  • Some people have issues with the Bluetooth connections.
  • The buds have an unpleasant feel

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Anker SoundBuds Curve-suitable for less noisy environments

Get one of the best sports headset that allow you to listen to music as you train. Anker SoundBuds Curve has extended battery life and a high level of comfort. You will love the decent sound of this headset. The color options are, however, limited.


  • Audio cable
  • Stability fins
  • Control scheme
  • Case
  • Inline remote

Your headset has an ear-hook design that is suitable for working out. It is compact and portable. We love the solid feel of this headset. You may, however, realize that the thinness of the audio cable. They are not long-lasting.  Some people report that this headset produces a heavy bass.

The earbuds of this headset are dense and durable. Unlike most headsets, this gives you comfort even after prolonged use. You get stability fins that make your headset stable to use even at the gym. The tips of your headset are not that strong since they may slide out of your ears during lots of movements. They don’t penetrate deeply into your ear canal.

We like the case that comes with the headset since it increases portability. The control system is also straightforward and easy to use. The ear hooks are flexible and thick. Your headset comes with a matte finish that gives it its sporty look. You get numerous tip options to help you get the right one that fits you comfortably. You don’t have to experience pain if you have lots of tip options.

The button layout of this headset comes in threes. You get the volume controls, track skipping and music/call controls. They may be small, but you can find them easily. The big buttons give you more feedback.

What we liked

  • The design is stable
  • They fit in your ears comfortably
  • Flexible ear hooks
  • Numerous tip options
  • The casing make it flexible

What we did not like

  • It does not block external noise completely
  • The audio cable is thin.

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Logitech G433-high sound quality

The set-up of this headset is easy thanks to its design. It gives you lots of connectivity options to choose from. It is an all-rounder that has a smooth sound signature. It does not limit you on the colors. It may, however, feel a bit flimsy with use.


  • A fabric covering
  • 1 DTS Headphone: X
  • A boom microphone that is detachable
  • Mesh
  • Microfiber ear pads

It gives you 7.1 surround sound and microphones that you can detach. The fabric covering this headset is a distinguishing feature among other headsets. Every ear cup has a piece of fabric that is brightly colored.

There is some plastic material on the top of your headset. The headband has a cloth covered foam. We love the fact that the headset can fit different sized heads. Your ear cups move at 90 degrees giving you flexibility.

You will notice the logo etched on the sides of both sides of your headset. You can replace the ear cups of your headset as well as the microfiber pads in your package. Logitech allows you to wear them for long without heat building up.

The detachable microphones make your headset versatile. You also get cables in your package. The boom microphone and the 3.5mm cable are suitable for a console player. For the PC gamers, you can enjoy the 7.1 virtual sound. You can also do portable gaming due to the in-line microphone included in your headset.

You can use your headset to modify EQ settings and utilize the DTS virtual sound. Feel free to develop user profiles that include game settings used in particular titles. This headset allows you to play high-quality music at a low price. It is well balanced due to the tonal range that prevents bass sound..

What we liked

  • It is a well-rounded audio
  • Logitech head is versatile
  • It is comfortable for a long time
  • It excels in gaming
  • Your headset does not produce a lot of bass

What we did not like

  • It is not the best for music

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HyperX Cloud Alpha– It is an analog headset

Get this headset that has a drivers design for more distinction, as well as, clarity to minimize distortion.  It has dual chambers that distinguish the bass from the highs and mids. This allows optimal tuning for you to get a smooth sound.


  • Dual chambers
  • Memory foam
  • Aluminum frame
  • Braided cable
  • Noise cancellation microphone

This is a small headset which is louder than the other large-sized headset. The quality of the build is stable since it contains an aluminum frame structure. It allows you to enjoy playing different music all day. The ear cups have a soft matte plastic on them.

You will love the comfort of this headset that comes from the memory foam. The frame was also expanded to provide room for people with large heads. It gives you a secure gripping force that is also relaxing. The cups have a memory foam pad and an adjustable headband. The manufacturers also use leatherette material to develop a seal on your ears.

It has a datable cable that enhances your communication with the flexibility to make calls and receive them at your convenience. The dual chambers also prevent your headset from distortion.  The multi-platform of this headset is compatible with the audio controls.

The audio controls also allow you to adjust your volume or mute your mic. You can connect your headset by inserting your detachable plug. There is a flexible stem that allows you to adjust your microphone easily.  Sadly, you don’t get extra earplugs in your package.

You will notice a pop filter on the rear side of your headset that minimizes the breakup of sounds as you record vocals or stream YouTube. Feel free to connect your headset to a computer using a jack extension lead.

What we liked

  • The build quality is high
  • It is comfortable
  • Top notch mic

What we did not like

  • It does not have a surround sound
  • It limits you on the color choice
  • Your package does not come with spare ear pads

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Creative Sound BlasterX H7-excellent audio performance

Buy this versatile, comfortable headset that does not sacrifice on the audio performance. You will also love the stylish design of this headset at a low price. Unfortunately, you may find the mids a bit quiet than they should be. Some genres such as rock or rock may sound sterile from this headset.


  • USB port
  • In-line remote
  • Audio Jack
  • Volume control
  • EQ curve

This headset is big and bulky. It comes in black and red trimmings on its edges that are impressive. The finish is from matte with padding that is built with soft leatherette. It has cup plates that have a brushed metal on them. The headband is reinforced with sturdy steel. Your headband also has some padding that increases flexibility. The materials used in the make it durable and comfortable.

You can detach the ergonomic microphone of this headset. It is also flexible such that you can turn it in different positions according to your taste. It prevents background noise from interfering with what you are listening to, making it clear and crisp.  If you need digital audio, you can use the micro USB port that is found in the in-line remote of your headset.

Your headset also has a 3.5mm audio jack, a mute switch, and volume control. The multi-function button increase versatility since you play music as receive calls. It is compatible with devices like X box one and Xbox 360.

Your headset has a Full-spectrum driver that is upgraded to give you an accurate sound. The headset tunes are perfect for your gaming needs. It has low noise and it is clear.  It also has an EQ curve that enhances its performance. The producers use a tilt driver design that reduces resonance between your ears and the ear cups.

It is equipped with Acoustic Engine software that allows you to modify generic sound presents and adjust your EQ. You can activate your cup plates in USB mode. You get a surround sound of 7.1 which provides your headset with an unmatched soundstage.


What we liked

  • It is comfortable
  • The sound separation is wide
  • It is both accurate and clear
  • It has an EQ curve which is tailored to your gaming needs

What we did not like

  • The highs may be hyped
  • The mid-range is less prominent

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Razer Kraken Chroma-it has thick ear pads

The sound of this headset is brilliant. It is comfortable around your ears and gives you a wide variety of features increasing versatility


  • Aluminum grille
  • Mute button
  • LED ring
  • USB cable

You may think that the thick ear pads are heavy, but they are not! They are round making your ears feel like they are besieged in a comfortable pillow. You can remain in your headset for long since it contains pleather that limits sweating.

Your headset has aluminum grille at the back of your ear cup. Retraction of the mic occurs inside a single ear cup. The tip contains a mute button and an LED ring to show you the status of the mute. Your headset does not come with controls.

It allows you to install Razer’s Synapse software to get user-friendly settings. Your headset gives you EQ options, RGB settings as well as Surround Sound options. Use the USB cable to connect your headset. The ear cups of your headset also have a 50 mm driver.

What we liked

  • It is comfortable
  • The surround sound is excellent
  • The audio is detailed. It also provides you with ample bass
  • The mic is retractable and has mute status

What we did not like

  • It lacks volume controls

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SteelSeries 61433 Arctis 3-all platform- it contains a suspension style

This resembles the SteelSeries Arctis 5 in not only its looks, but also the comfort level. The significant difference that we cannot overlook is the price since you get this at a lower price than its cousin.


  • Sheathed ear cups
  • An elastic strap
  • LED
  • Volume wheel
  • Mute button

The headband of this headset is self-adjusting. It has an elastic strap to connect it with your head. The Velcro fastenings of this strap allow you to adjust the length according to your level of comfort. Your ear cups are padded and added an airweave material that prevents sweating excessively. The ear cups prevent your ears from isolation.

The mic of your headset is retractable and has an LED at the tip to show you the mute status. There is also a mute button and a volume wheel. It does not come with a USB connectivity though there are sound settings to adjust the volume.

To get more settings, you have to download the SteelSeries Engine 3 Software. This gives you options such as the mic monitoring feature and EQ Options for clear sounds.

What we liked

  • The audio is open and clean
  • The headband is self-adjusting
  • Its mic quality is clear
  • You get a retractable mic
  • You can wear your headset in public

What we did not like

  • The customization software is not easy to access

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Sades SA902 7.1 Channel Virtual USB surround stereo wired-it is a dependable headset

What makes this headset unique is that it will not let you down when you need it. It is reliable, lightweight and comfortable. Your headset is not flimsy. It also comes in red and black colors.


  • Padded ear cups
  • LED
  • Foldable mic
  • Mic Boom
  • Nylon Cord

You get a wide headband to accommodate various head sizes. It is also padded to increase comfort. Your headset comes with racetrack oval ear cups which have a leather finish. There is a small LED at the back of your ear cups to facilitate gaming ambiance.

You can fold your mic when you are not using it. The headset also has a mic boom that rotates at 160 degrees. Use the USB jack to connect your headset to your computer. It has a nylon cord that is strong to increase durability.

The inline controls of your headset contain both the mute button and the volume button. Feel free to install Surround sound driver to get additional effects. This headset is user-friendly and comes with instructions.  It plays clear audio and gives you sonic feedback from people who are also playing. It provides you with a detailed and engaging sound.

What we liked

  • It gives you a well-balanced audio
  • It is comfortable and lightweight
  • You get a USB port for connection
  • It has an inline control for settings

What we did not like

  • Turning off your headset lighting may be difficult.

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Buyer’s guide

For you to get the best headset, you should look at your requirements. Headsets have numerous features that provide different needs. Identifying the features that you require from a headset allows you to reduce the costs. Some of the factors that you should check include:

Wireless or wired

A wired headset is suitable for a PC game player. A wireless headset is crucial when you need to play with a console. Most console generations have headphone inputs that provide room for wired connections.

A wired headset is also cheaper than a wireless headset. You will notice that most headsets that are below 100 are wired. Unlike wired headsets, wireless ones require technology backing. You also have to keep on recharging a wireless headset. This will interfere with your game if they power off as you play.

Wired headsets are easy to use and don’t have a lot of complications such as signal interference as you use it. The only problem you may encounter from a wired headset is a restricted range.

The quality of your mic

A good mic makes communication easy. Most headsets have two types of mics including an omnidirectional or unidirectional. A unidirectional concentrates on picking sound from a particular direction. An omnidirectional, on the other hand, picks up sounds from numerous directions. You can get your headset then buy a clip-on-mic to enhance the communication of your headset.


Your headset should be comfortable to allow you to use for long. They should not seem to be hanging on your ears. Pick one with large ear cups and holds large drivers for positional audio. Check if your ear cups are made from leather, or your headbands are padded widely. The headband should have an optimum clamp to increase stability.

Final thoughts

Our discussion above proves that you can get affordable headsets that have similar features as more expensive headsets. You only need to identify what you need from a headset then look for one that is not far from your budget. Remember not to put into consideration the factors we have outlined when choosing the best under 100 headset. All the best!


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